100% Exclusive Commercial Insurance Leads

No other lead generation service provides more qualified opportunities than AssuredLeads. Watch the above video to see how we do it.
  1. Exclusive commercial insurance leads
  2. Pre-screened & filtered based on your agency’s preference
  3. No more cold calling
  4. Fewer failed prospects
  5. Highest close rates in the industry
  6. AssuredLeads that are fresh and ready to close!

We have the pleasure of working with several of today’s top insurers.

Better Leads, more policies sold

Agency Partner

We are not another lead vendor who disappears after delivering our leads. We want your agency to continue to succeed. We offer agency training and analytics to optimize commercial insurance production.


To best serve you and get you as close to a 100% close rate as possible, we identify industry appetites and all important criteria for your agency. Filter by industry, policy types, business size, licensed states, and more!

Premium Leads

We generate exclusive Premium leads that ensure the highest close rates. Pre-qualified and appointment-style leads that are directly matched to your agency’s appetite


We developed a proprietary blend of filters and algorithms to deliver the highest quality of leads available.

Digital Leads

We generate real-time, Digital leads that are never resold. Connect with prospects that are actively shopping and ready to buy now.

No Live Transfer

AssuredLeads offers different types of leads depending on your agency’s preference. We understand you can’t always receive an inbound phone call or drive hours to visit a prospect. Become more efficient and streamline your production.

Our Exclusive Agent Platform

Quickly build your ideal lead list and track your results in real-time.

What our customers are saying

“These leads are solid. I love that they’re exclusive and the business owners are excited to talk to me. I know the AssuredLeads team is made up of former brokers so they have quality in mind, and you can tell. I wish I’d known about them sooner.”

Jerome @ Assured Partners

What our customers are saying

“Assured Leads is the way to go! It simultaneously cuts down on prospecting time and increases my sales. Going into the conversation with prospects is so much smoother because all of their information and their policy needs are provided. This is the only lead source I will use from here on out!”

Amy @ Nationwide Insurance- Sylvia Garrett Agency

What our customers are saying

“I am greatly impressed with your lead quality. I have wasted thousands on leads that have been recycled and mauled over that I have purchased from other sources. Your leads are from people who are literally waiting for us to call and they are highly-responsive. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true. Your service is surely worth the investment. An agent can spin their wheels on cheap junk leads or they can reach and exceed goals with quality leads. You will be my core marketing source, from this point forward.”

Gary @ Gary Probst Agency

What our customers are saying

“I had tried a few lead generation companies in the past and always had the same results. A lead that was sold to numerous brokers that wasn’t qualified and resulted in a low closing ratio. Travis and his team at AssuredLeads reached out to me, took to the time to understand the type of client I was looking for and qualified them on the spot. Since using Assured Leads, my appointments have doubled and I am increasing my client base day in and day out. Thanks [AssuredLeads] for helping grow my book of business.”

Matt @ Strachota Insurance